Color is King. Color Picker for CSS.

Color is fun, but what’s not fun is when you need some nice color for a design and you can’t find it. I found a cool little site: The color wheel shows a wide variety of gradients and allows you to choose like and complementary colors. Great feature that this tool has is to preview all the chosen colors on a site. Only improvement I would make is to copy and paste the color code into the clipboard so I don’t need to use firebug to grab it.



One common misconception of photography is it is the art of making things beautiful. In reality, as in any other art, a photo is just a manifestation of reality. The artist, like a playwright, composes the shot to display the reality, or change your perception of it. Photography won’t make things beautiful, but photoshop might :).

First post

This blog is going to be about life, work, news, politics, food, and photography. All that inspires me and all that I want to discuss.